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Course 4 Simple Guide

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Lesson 1: My Rich Friend
do you have enough?
Lesson 2: The Silver Coins
using verbs to describe
Lesson 3: Summer Bonus
have you ever...
Lesson 4: Scott in Osaka
how do you do that?
Lesson 5: Mikey's Bike
is it okay if I...
Lesson 6: Graduation Trip
deciding what to do
Lesson 7: Beth's Luck
how do you do that (part2)
Lesson 8: A Strange Day!
the TARI verb form
Lesson 9: The Crying Baby
successive actions
Lesson 10: Texas Dialect?
IF-THEN statements
Lesson 11: Taiwan
certain amounts etc.
Lesson 12: Giving and Receiving
the giving and receiving verbs
Lesson 13: Lindsay's Problem
the power of the TE form