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Course 2 Simple Guide

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Lesson 1: Tama's Bed
Existence verbs
Lesson 2: The Zoo
Location words
Lesson 3: Which 'Item'
Singling out items
Lesson 4: For the Dogs
Counting living things
Lesson 5: Keiko's Day
Verbs that use wo
Lesson 6: Let's Go!
The MASHOU verb form
Lesson 7: Noboru's Family
Japanese family structure
Lesson 8: Samantha's Dorm
Past tense adjectives
Lesson 9: Speaking Informally
Informal verb forms
Lesson 10: GODZILLA!
connecting sentences with because
Lesson 11: Sayoko and Jeff
The SURU verbs
Lesson 12: George was Late!
Inexact time references