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Course 2 Expanded Guide

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Lesson 1: Tama's Bed
Existence verbs
The Basics
Double length sounds in katakana
Conjugation of iru / eru verbs
Conjugating all verb types
The conjugation of aru
The particle to
Writing Points
Double length sounds in katakana
Verb Usage
iru (to be, to exist, to have: living things)
aru (to be, to exist, to have: inanimate things)
Lesson 2: The Zoo
Location words
Using no with location
Using aida properly
Further clarification with hidari and migi
The difference between tonari and yoko
Using location to modify
Writing Points
The dakuten
Cool Tools
Remembering the difference between aru and iru
New Words
Location Words
Lesson 3: Which 'Item'
Singling out items
The dono group
The difference between dono and dore
Lesson 4: For the Dogs
Counting living things
Culture Clip
Boy or Girl otoko ka onna
Connecting sentences with soshite
Writing Points
Double consonants in katakana
Cool Tools
Counting people song
Lesson 5: Keiko's Day
Verbs that use wo
The particle o
Event location marker de
Particle review
The particle shuffle
Using masenka to invite
Lesson 6: Let's Go!
The MASHOU verb form
Culture Clip
Japanese Girls are Great
The mashou verb ending
When mou means "already"
When mou means "more"
When mou means "anymore"
Writing Points
The topic marker wa in katakana
Verb Usage
kaku (to write)
yomu (to read)
Lesson 7: Noboru's Family
Japanese family structure
Culture Clip
Family viewpoints
Using yoku to mean "often"
Using anmari
Making san sound cute
Lesson 8: Samantha's Dorm
Past tense adjectives
Japanese adjective types
Making i-adjectives past tense
Saying something hurts
Connecting sentences using sore ni
Lesson 9: Speaking Informally
Informal verb forms
Conjugating all regular verbs
Verbs that end in "u"
Conjugating iru / eru verbs
Irregular verbs
The "ta form"
The question marker no
Using no to create emphasis
The particle yo
Lesson 10: GODZILLA!
connecting sentences with because
Culture Clip
How Godzilla got her name
Conjugating miru and kiku
Connecting sentences using kara
What happens with desu?
Using donna
Writing Points
Compound katakana
Correctly writing the compounds
Katakana word separation
New [writing]
Standard Compound Katakana
Lesson 11: Sayoko and Jeff
The SURU verbs
Conjugating suru and desu
Making verbs with suru
Using the object particle o with suru
The question words naze and nande
Writing Points
Unique Compounds
New [writing]
Unique Katakana Compounds
Lesson 12: George was Late!
Inexact time references
Using mada
Making specific times less specific
Making specific amounts less specific
New Words
New Words