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Is there a limit to how many particles can be in a sentence? - Ask a Teacher #88

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Unreleased video from 2012 finally making the light of day.

Q1. You are using the は hiragana for わ what is the deal with this?

Q2. Is there a limit to how many particles there can be in a sentence?

東京には昔から田中という変な男性が夜中に「俺は東京が嫌いだよ」といつも大きい声で叫んでいて、住民を←(should be 住民に) 迷惑かけていたから住民たちが警察に文句を言いました。

Q3. Can you please explain 以前 (いぜん)?

Q4. What is the difference between using もう and また to mean "again"?

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