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This is the first of the YesJapan.com Ask a Teacher show. George and Miho run through YesJapan.com questions and answer them. The following 10 questions are covered:

1. How do you say, Do you have?

2. Does _____ to moushimasu AND ____ desu mean the same thing?

3. Does SHII CHIKIN mean Sea Chicken?

4. Do Japanese family always refer to each other with ONIISAN etc?

5. When saying an English word while speaking Japanese should I make it sound Japanese?

6. How polite do I have to be in Japanese restaurants etc?

7. In the sentence, IMA NEKO GA IMASEN can IMA come before the verb?

8. Do people from Okinawa really speak different than Tokyo people??

9. How to you say hello to friends etc if HAJIMEMASHITE can only be used for first meetings?

10. When is GA appropriate when using ARIMASU?

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