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Course 1 Simple Guide

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Pre-Lesson A: Pronunciation Guide & The Basics
Understanding Japanese Phonetics
Pre-Lesson B: Basic Counting
Zero to nine million
Pre-Lesson C: First Meeting
Self introduction and basic greetings
Lesson 1: What is it?
Creating simple questions
Lesson 2: Which One?
Working with a topic
Lesson 3: Who is it?
Showing possession
Lesson 4: Colors
Colors and using nouns to modify
Lesson 5: Satoko and Yoshio
Likes, dislikes, and the 'one' pronoun
Lesson 6: Matsumoto's Computer
Negative adjectives and wanting things
Lesson 7: Where is it?
Location and special emphasis
Lesson 8: The Calendar
Dates and past tense
Lesson 9: New Year's Day
Days, weeks, and years
Lesson 10: Spaghetti Please
Asking for things
Lesson 11: Counting Things
Various counting units
Lesson 12: Party! Party!
Polite verb conjugation
Lesson 13: Time, Time, Time
Start, finish, and telling time