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Ask a Teacher #84 - What are some instantly friendly Japanese words?

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Today's questions get a bit heavy. NOTE: This video is from 2012, I have not gained weight, I was heavier in 2012.

Q1. Is the polite passive (addressing someone with passive to be more polite) ever used outside of company or customer settings? Is it part of keigo?

いく to go

いける to be able to go

いかせる to make (someone) go

いかされる to be made to go (by someone)

Q2. What are some "insta-friendly" word(s, endings, formats, etc.) that we could use to make conversation friendly but still polite?

えぇ?! What?

ほんとうに? Really?

おもしろいよ! That's interesting!

Q3. Recently i have seen some verbs have "tara" from is what rikaichan called it but i can't find it in my book so could you explan it please.

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