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Ask-a-Teacher #83 - Can a Japanese adjective be two types?

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This video is from a missing batch of about 50 Ask-a-Teacher broadcasts. They are from 4 years ago but you will learn some fun stuff. Here are the questions and notes from the show.

Q1. Isn't はじめました only used when you first meet?

Question Notes:

はじめる - to start, to begin (active)

はじまる - to start, to begin (passive)

はじめました - I started it.

はじまりました - It started.

はじめまして - Nice to meet you.

会えたよかった - It was good we could meet.

Q2. Is it OOKII or OOKI? Can "big" be a NA adjective?

Question Notes:

おおきい - big (い adjective)

おおきい いぬ - big dog

しんせつ(な) - kind (な adjective)

しんせつな おとこ - a kind boy

おとこは しんせつです - the boy is kind

おおき(な) (な adjective)

おおきな かぶ - the big turnip

ちいさい - small (い adjective)

ちいさい ねこ - a small cat

ちいさな ねこ - a small cat

くろい ねこ - a black cat

Q3. Is the verb "look" to mean "searching for something" or the direction your eyes are aiming?

Question Notes:

みる - to look

さがす - to search, to look for

いぬを みてください。 Look at the dog.

いぬを さがしてください。 Look for the dog.

わたしが しって(い)る かぎりでは。。。 As far as I know

Q4. How do you use OKURIGANA?

Question Notes:

食[た]べる to eat (normal)

食[く]う to eat (rude)

泳[およ]ぐ to swim

話[はな]す to speak

喋[しゃべ]る to talk, chat

脅[おど]かす to threaten

Q5. How would you say "Without a chairlift attendant the ski resort wouldn't run."?

Question Notes:


Without a chairlift attendant the ski resort wouldn't run.

うんえい operations

うまく できない won't go well

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